Interior House Painting

Red’s Paint and Paper Ltd have been painting the interior of residential and commercial buildings throughout The Far North for over 45 years, and we think we have become pretty good at it.

Being experts in interior house painting in The Far North, we work hard to produce flawless finishes because we are committed to faultless surface preparation and skilled application techniques using only the very best painting equipment—brushes, rollers, and premium paint products.

Our expertise, combined with our advanced knowledge of products and materials, means the result is second to none and is constantly remarked upon and admired by our customers.

Full Professional Painting Service

Our house interior painting service starts with a free, no obligation quote. If you are undecided about the colour to paint the inside of your house, we can help you select a colour that matches the style of your home or business and its décor.

Once we start painting the inside of your premises, we focus on superior preparation which is the key to a great finish. We then complete the job to the highest standard to ensure the result is an interior that looks stunningly beautiful. And, when we finish, we leave your place clean and tidy so it looks almost brand new again.

Our aim is to provide our customers with a hassle-free interior painting service that exceeds your expectations.

Our Interior Painting Services include:

  • All interior painting including bathroom and kitchen painting.
  • Walls and ceiling painting.
  • New house painting, renovation painting and general touch-ups.
  • Full preparation – including imperfection and damage repair.
  • Plastering.
  • Wallpaper removal service.
  • Free, no obligation quote.
  • 5-year workmanship guarantee.

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Things to think about when painting indoors

Preparation is the key

Every experienced painter should tell you the same thing – preparation is the key. To get a great top coat, the surface underneath needs to be sound.
We prepare before painting by cleaning and sanding all areas. We then fill any holes or indentations and repair any damage before plastering, if required, to create a surface suitable for painting.

What about an undercoat?

These days, some paints are produced as a primer and paint all-in-one mixture. If one of these is not used, a primer is advisable, especially for previously unpainted surfaces or if you are drastically changing the wall colour. A primer not only covers up colours and stains, it adds a layer that will help the topcoat to adhere.
We will usually recommend the use of a primer to ensure a top-quality result.

Types of paint

Oil-based paint or water-based paint? Gloss paint, satin paint, or a matte paint finish?
It usually depends on where the paint is being used. Gloss or satin are good for high-traffic areas because they are easily cleaned. But they can make wall imperfections more pronounced. A matte finish, such as flat paints, will not clean as well or endure touches as well, but you won’t see imperfections as much.
We will discuss the best paint type for your job during the quotation process.

Painting takes time

This is related to preparation. Getting a great quality paint finish takes time. Up to two-thirds of the time it takes to paint a surface can be in the preparation. That includes taping off areas for sharp lines, moving furniture and furnishings, removing switch-plates and taping off or removing doorknobs.
It’s a lot of work, but we pride ourselves on our preparation, cutting-in and smooth paint lines.